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Bollywood Dance Class in Metro Atlanta, Alpharetta, Marietta and Roswell, GA

Currently, due to our busy performance schedule, only private classes are being offered for Bollywood or Bellydance. Book your private classes below.

Classes are for students ages 16 - 96, all sizes and backgrounds, those with previous dance experience and those with none. Bollywood Dance may look easy, however, learning to dance gracefully is challenging. Diligent training and study is necessary for your body to respond to music with a natural look and feel.

Sanam prepares her students to reach their individual dance goals, whether they are simply there to get a good workout or have a desire to perform in public. Classes are ongoing and you can join anytime. Repeated exposure to class material will help you build the movements into your muscle memory and increase your comfort level and confidence as you continue dancing to the music. To get the most of your class experience, practice, patience and consistent attendance are essential.

Class Attire:

Fitted workout clothes are recommended. Sports Bra, fitted leggings or yoga pants, tank tops, are all good options. Sanam should be able to see your movements and isolations while you’re learning, otherwise it’ll be more difficult to help you in areas that need attention. We dance in bare feet, but you’re welcome to bring dance thongs if you must wear something on your feet. No socks or shoes. If you’re uncomfortable with your body you’ll be more inclined to cover up; however, the beauty of bollywood dance is such that they embrace all body types and shapes. So, leave that baggy t-shirt at home, wear your favorite lip color, put on some dangly earrings and come to class - you’ll be glad you did.

Class Schedule

Class Name: Private Bollywood Dance Class

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Bollywood Dance Class is a great way to tone up and get in shape! Bollywood dancing requires the dancers to fully immerse themselves in the musical beats. The rigorous movements involved in Bollywood dancing can keep joints well lubricated, which prevents arthritis. Bollywood dancing provides a happy and fun version of traditional Indian dance. It can be an excellent substitute for cardio workout and can help build stamina and endurance. The full body movements help in working both the upper and lower body at the same time, while toning the core muscles. It’s an upbeat and energetic style of dance that can be enjoyed in a group or with friends.

Whether you are a seasoned dancer, or a complete beginner; whether you’re 16 or 64, you’ll enjoy dancing to the high energy of popular Bollywood music!


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